13×13 Bamboo Board (reversible) with Biconvex Plastic Stones


Board and stone set

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This goban is hand-crafted, with engraved lines, a shiny finish, and a pleasing sound when placing a stone. It’s durable for transport, and is perfect for those who either want a solid, affordable board for personal play, or for clubs who are trying to supply themselves without spending a fortune.

  • Made of bamboo for a pleasing, shiny finish and durable structure but for an affordable price tag.
  • Reversible: this has the customary 13 by 13 marking on one side, and a 9 by 9 on the other for introductory games or when you want to solve tsumego.

The grid lines are 25mm x 24mm apart. Side lengths are 300mm x 320mm, and 20mm thick.

These plastic stones are extremely pleasant to the touch, and make a lovely sound when placed on the board. They are smooth, so don’t damage the board, and slide well over each other in the bowl.

They are surprisingly durable, and are a great gift to a go player who needs stones.

They are biconvex in shape, and measure 22mm across, and are 10mm thick in the middle.

Additional information

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 31 × 36 × 23 cm


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