Our Story

Running a club, sourcing new equipment is always a question. Stones get broken or lost, boards get loaned to other clubs, and before too much time passes you find yourself short. So I found myself asking “Where can I get replacement sets when I need them, without breaking the club budget (literally)?”

I did some research, and like most of you, I found that go sets are really, really expensive. Like, unnecessarily so. Like most of you, I wasn’t after kaya floor boards with slate and shell stones, with bowls made from the skull of Go Seigen and Cho Chikun. However, I also didn’t want to use really ugly, low-quality sets where the stones are about one-third the size they should be and made of bad plastic, while the boards are printed on styrofoam. Turns out, there wasn’t anyone providing that.

So I decided to fix that.

My goal with PacifiGo is very simple. I believe go (also known as baduk in Korean or weiqi in Chinese or igo in Japanese) is a very fun game, and more people would enjoy playing it if they had a chance. However, the sheer difficulty of sourcing quality equipment, especially in Australia, makes for a massive barrier, both for individual players, and clubs. So, by offering quality but affordable equipment, I hope to lower this barrier.

While most of my orders are from Australia, I have customers from the USA, the UK, the Czech Republic and New Zealand. So evidently this isn’t solely an Australian goal!