Box price woes

Just a quick update. I’m very much still intending to re-open PacifiGo ASAP, the main slowdown at this point is finding a company to make custom boxes for shipping (go stuff tends to be an awkward shape and size, necessitating this step). Normally this is fine, there’s a few which do it, but the two I’ve managed to drag numbers out of so far have given $14 and $17 per box. I cannot absorb that price, and I doubt you’d be willing to pay that. For comparison, the last place was closer to $1 to $3 per box.

That price does come down if you order more, but if you’re ordering runs of less than a couple hundred at a spin, it’s still way too high to be worth considering. I’m digging, but it seems (as has been my situation lately) either nobody wants to deal with me, or if they do they charge through the nose for the privilege of doing their job.

So, yeah, I’m working on it. I appreciate your patience!

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