PacifiGo Closing Down

For reasons that don’t matter here, I will be moving to Melbourne from Brisbane in the very near future. Nearer than I’d like, but one downside of the housing crisis is timeframes get super-squeezed. As in, the end of next week.

For years I’ve run PacifiGo essentially out of my garage, in large part because as much as I genuinely believe PacifiGo has helped people get into go by providing a way to get decent quality sets at a reasonable price, it doesn’t make nearly enough to justify paying for storage. This has been fine. However, the place I have ended up in Melbourne does not have workable storage sufficient to fit the existing inventory, much less the additional space for the nearly due replenishment of some items. For reference, it’s about 13 cubic meters in total, and takes up a little over half my double garage.

I don’t want PacifiGo to die, but simple logistics and economics means I can’t keep it going. I’ve reached out in a couple of places to see if it can be picked up by someone else, but if they don’t get back to me pretty soon, I’m basically going to have to dump the vast majority of the stock. I’ll donate what I can to organisations like the QGS and AGA who can distribute it as needed, but again logistics, reality and time limits what we can do.

I guess I’ll let you know. If you’re interested in picking up a business which basically breaks even but provides a genuine service to the go world for $AU10,000, let me know. Or if you want to buy just a whole bunch of go equipment on a steep discount.

EDIT: OK, update. There is a chance I will be able to keep the business going after all. I’ll let you know when I do. Apologies for the drama.

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