Money troubles

Hey everyone!

So it has eventuated that there’s a chance I will need to move states in a few months. It’s not settled for sure yet, but the chances are substantial enough that I need to start working out potential logistics. In itself this isn’t terribly interesting to any of you, but it does create a logistical problem for me. See, at the moment, I store the stock in my garage – I don’t do enough business to pay for a storage unit big enough (boards are seriously bulky), and I don’t really need the space anyway. However, if I’m moving, I can’t guarantee I’ll have access to a garage big enough, especially given the total lack of rental properties available. Which gives me a hard choice.

  • Option 1: I raise prices so that even at my low rate of business, it pay for the storage unit. I’d have to raise them a good chunk to even break even on this, which kind of causes its own problems. I don’t run PacifiGo to make money – without going into details, my total revenue is less than $10,000 per year, and the vast majority of that goes to various costs – but equally I can’t afford to run it at a loss either. A storage unit big enough is probably somewhere in the realm of $50 to $100 per week, so those numbers don’t work at all.
  • Option 2: I stop running PacifiGo entirely unless I could get a place with storage space, at least for the foreseeable future. I don’t like this either.

Money issues aside, I never intended for PacifiGo to be a primary revenue source. I got into it because I genuinely think a lot of people would like go but get turned off by the higher prices of equipment (which I’m now starting to understand why they’re so high), so by offering decent-quality equipment at a reasonable price, more people can get into it. Which is why not doing it isn’t a good choice either – I genuinely think people benefit from this business!

So hard choices (potentially) ahead. I suppose there is an Option 3, where I sell off the business and existing stock to someone who wants to continue the mission, and while I’m not opposed to this, I’m not expecting anyone to want to pick up a business that makes pretty small profit and eats up a not-small amount of space, time and energy.

Input welcome, but I figured a heads up was probably polite.

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