Paused but not dead

So, a few days ago I put up a post saying that the odds of PacifiGo continuing to run in anything resembling its current form were quite slim. Well, sometimes slim odds come up.

Short version: I managed to figure a way to make the numbers less horrendous, and I will be continuing PacifiGo from Melbourne. There will be a hiatus during the move and re-organisation (I’ve disabled payment options on orders so you shouldn’t be able to complete any, and any that slip through I’ll just cancel and refund when I have a moment), and possibly a price increase to help absorb some increased costs, but we’ll see how we go.

Just to address something that probably only exists in my brain: I am conscious that it looks kind of like a weird publicity stunt – that I claimed PacifiGo was going away in order to try to scare up a rash of new orders. All I can say is that was not my intention, and I in fact cancelled an order that came in because I did not have time to process it.

I just want to say thank you for my friend (who I’m not sure if he’d be comfortable being named here so I shan’t) who offered to continue PacifiGo if I was unable to. I also want to say thank you to u/BJPark for his kind notice of PacifiGo’s situation on Reddit.

So I guess watch this space? I’ll let you know when I do what’s happening. All I know at this point is PacifiGo is not closing down!


  • miles a

    Hi, I was wondering if there’s any update on when you’ll be accepting orders again, I’ve ben wanting to start playing go for a long time and just found this site as the best place to get a set in aus.

    • Allan

      It really depends on a few factors – the delivery of stock has completed, but was such a nightmare it’ll take a few days to be sorted out. Plus I need to find someone to do up the postage boxes in the correct size.

      I’d estimate between one and two weeks, but it might be a little more. If it’s a month I’d be pretty surprised.

  • Kevin

    Hi there from Australia, I was just looking for a GO Set for collection and I came across this page. It’s unfortunate timing that you have paused, but I hope everything works out in the near future.

    I will definitely come back here periodically.

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