We’re back!

Heyo! Sorry about the long, long delay – it’s been A Time. Short version: Melbourne is an awful city to do business in – everyone is either incompetent, criminal, or extremely expensive, and all three is certainly common. Combine that with PhD and other personal stuff, and it’s taken a lot longer than expected.

But, you’re not interested in my woes. We are now accepting orders again (if you have any problems, reach out via e-mail or Signal), and while there’s still some awkwardness on the back end which might lead to some delays for the next couple weeks, I should be able to get them sent off relatively quickly.

You might have noticed the prices have gone up pretty solidly across the board. Trust me, I’m not happy about this either, but it’s literally the most conservative increase I can do which might cover the additional expenses I’m facing now. Sorry about that.

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  • Tashi Visschedijk

    Awesome to hear things are back up and running! I hope Melbourne isn’t treating you too badly and that things get more smooth from here on out 🙂

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