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So, I’ve spoken to a few people over the last few weeks who want to teach go, or set up a club, or whatever, but there isn’t a workable platform to present. You could use social media, but that has problems with privacy or unfair moderation or algorithmic weirdness or simply being able to find your listings in the infinite scroll. You could use pages like GumTree, but they’ll do things like remove your listing and ban you, and refuse to say why even when asked.

So, as part of the ongoing process of promoting go and helping the go community, I’ve set up a Classifieds section on this website. It’s very experimental and rudimentary at the moment, but we’ll see how we do! Use it, make suggestions, whatever!

In an attempt to cut down on spam, you do need an account to post an ad. While obviously I do my best to safeguard your data, follow the usual protocol of don’t put anything there you don’t want at least potentially public in case of a data breach or whatever. This might include listing a phone number, or your primary e-mail (e-mail aliasing is a great tool for avoiding potential spam!) or whatever.

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