Gunbu no Pair Go

So people come to know about go through many different means. For me, it was a combination of the local go club coming to a board game club I was a part of, and the anime Hikaru no Go. For others, it was either the AlphaGo games, or the documentary surrounding it.

But either way, it seems clear that media is a major potential tool in letting people know about this game we all love so much. Which is part of why I’m so excited to see yet another go manga coming out, namely Gunbu no Pair Go (first chapter freely available at the link, albeit in Japanese – hopefully a translation coming soon!). It seems to be a romantic comedy, which… could work?

Either way, always good to see more go media. While we’re waiting for Gunbu to get a translation, you can read the translation of Crow in the Starry Sky here (warning: some of the ads on that page are distinctly non-family friendly, although the manga itself is very PG. If you have a decent ad-blocker like UBlock Origin, you’ll be fine). Female protagonist, some interesting romantic tension, series does a decent job of exploring the frustration we all remember from when we were trying to get into go and were constantly getting demolished. It’s worth a read, in my view (another one I’d love to see an official English translation of!).

Also, quick reminder that the PacifiGo Perennial is on this Saturday at Comics Plus in Annerley, Brisbane. Free tournament, good times to be had by all!

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