Announcing the PacifiGo Perennial

Hey everyone! Some of you may be aware that I’m closely tied to the Queensland Go Society and the Brisbane Go Club – in fact, trying to sort out equipment for them is what led to PacifiGo in the first place. The QGS and BGC generally try to have a tournament roughly every 2 months or so. Doesn’t always work out, especially lately, but that’s the goal.

In 2019 the Mainland Chinese Society of Queensland (MCSQ) sponsored a tournament. We ran it, everyone had fun, we had an unexpected tie for 3rd place in the Open Division despite having 3 layers of tie-breakers, good times. However, while I can’t confirm that they have ceased to be, I can’t get in contact with them to see if they want to do that again. Which is a same – the MCSQ Cup was one of two free tournaments per year we put on (the other being the Jenny Yang Realty Cup. I really should reach out to them again as well).

So, in an attempt to fill the gap left by the MCSQ, PacifiGo and the QGS is happy to announce the PacifiGo Perennial! Details are still being hammered out – mostly venue and date – but what is known is: it’ll be free to enter, held over two days for the Open division (Handicap division being one-day), somewhere in mid-July, and the estimable Horatio Davis will continue being our long-suffering tournament director.

This post will be edited as new information becomes available – I’m expecting the details to be sorted by next Monday evening. But I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!

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