Facebook Update & QLD Open

Hey all! Just a quick couple of updates.

First, and most important, the QLD Open will be happening at Comics Plus in Annerley on the 12th and 13th of March from 10am. Handicap division (2d and weaker) will be on the first day, with the Open division (2k and stronger – so yes, if you’re 1k you can participate in either. We do not recommend both, but I don’t know if there’s a rule against it) being over two days, because you strong players actually think while playing so take a lot longer :p

This will also include the QGS AGM, so if you want to rise up against my tyranny as President of the QGS or Supreme High Overlord of the Brisbane Go Club (and I run PacifiGo. I know, clear and blatant corruption and conflicts of interest, I must be stopped). That’ll happen during lunch on the 12th.

Even if you don’t want to participate, feel free to wander along and watch, hang out, chat to people in between games! We’re always happy to do some teaching and just socialising!

Second, less immediate but I felt worth noting. Facebook has been getting really, really creepy lately – like knowing what I’m doing on devices that Facebook has no official knowledge of, or which shopping centres I go to. So I’m going to disable my account for a while, just to see how the business goes without it, and if I can, delete it entirely. I know, it won’t stop Facebook stalking me, but it’s something.

So, if you want to contact me, e-mail at info@pacifigo.com.au is probably the best way! I’m pretty good about responding pretty quickly. Certainly faster than Facebook these days, which I check maybe once a week?

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